About Me

I love to cook and am delighted when I create meals that others enjoy. Most of what I do in the kitchen is gluten and dairy free as I am allergic to both, but I enjoy working with all ingredients.  I eat "almost" everything now but love making vegetarian meals as I was vegetarian for about 7 years.  I have also cooked for many vegetarians and vegans and enjoy putting together a well-rounded, full of flavor meal for them.

People ask me what is my favorite dish to make, or style of food. That is such a hard question to answer as I like to cook and eat a wide range of foods.  So my answer today is... I love trying out something for the first time, a dish or cut of meat I have never cooked before, or a way of cooking it that is new to me. Then once I am done, I get such satisfaction out of that now being part of my culinary knowledge, part of my toolbox so to speak. 

I have worked as a private chef, recipe developer, gluten free baker, Summer Camp Kitchen Manager at Hidden Villa, Culinary Producer for Cook Taste Eat and was back kitchen support during the filming of two Joanne Weir Cooking Shows on PBS. This summer I am cooking for five First Descents retreats in California, Oregon and Montana. 

I currently spend my days cooking for clients and my nights creating new recipes at home. I am working on a gluten and dairy free cookbook that will be out later this year. 

Me and Richard Blais (Top Chef Winner) at Peaches & Tango,
a farm-to-table dinner in the orchard at Frog Hollow Farms