Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meeting Joe Cross and My Green Juice Recipe

I was very excited to meet Joe Cross in person when he came through our area on his book tour back in April. A friend and I went to meet him at Book Passage, in Corte Madera. I am not sure when I first saw his movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, but it really resonated with me as his approach to health just made sense. You can read his story here, but basically, he was overweight, on a bunch of medications and didn't like where his health was headed. He decided to try and heal himself by going back to eating a plant based diet which took the form of juicing. The film is his journey through juicing for 60 days while driving across the United States. Spoiler Alert.... it was a great success.

Since the movie (2010) he has launched a huge online support system for people that want to "reboot" like he did, called Reboot with Joe. His team provides online support as well as guided reboots throughout the year. I joined a 3-day online class back in January that really helped me to start the year off right. I ended up taking the 3 days and stretching it into a 16 day juice fast. I felt absolutely amazing.

This book tour was to promote his first book, "The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet". I find Joe to be so dynamic and inspirational in his movie as well as in a couple interviews I have seen online. He was just as energetic and personable in person. 

He talked for well over an hour about his story and most importantly, how he has been since the movie. I enjoyed hearing about what his diet is like now, since finishing the juice only cleanse and how he has kept healthy and balanced while eating real foods and still incorporates green juice into his daily life.  And of course there was a green juice demo during his visit.

He asked the crowd if there was anyone there that had never had a green juice before and surprisingly, there was three. He asked them to come up and sample the juice he had just made. One of them immediately liked it, so for the other two, he added more apples to the juice. Once there was a little more fruit in the balance of the vegetable juice, they came to like it as well. 

I have enjoyed making fresh juices for a long time and my very first post about vegetable juicing was in 2008 with this Kale, Cucumber, Apple Juice. Clearly I was already a juicing fan before I saw his movie. Since doing the 16 day juice cleanse earlier this year, I have tried to incorporate a green juice into my diet every day. The picture below is my most common combination: 

Andrea's Green Juice
3 bunches dino kale, also known as lacinato kale
2 bunches spinach, not the bagged kind
5 celery stalks
1 -2 cucumbers, depending on size
5-6 apples, usually 3 green, 3 Fuji

Place all vegetables through the juicer, and store juice in an airtight, preferably glass pitcher. This many vegetables turns into about 8 cups of juice. I drink about a third of this per day, so this lasts me for at least 2 days, unless I am sharing it with my husband. If I think I am not going to go through it all, then I place some of the juice in an empty ice tray and freeze it. That way it stays relatively fresh and I can use it later. 

Vegetables juices are always better the same day they are made. I think the second day is ok too, but I wouldn't go longer than that. If you don't want to make this much, then just do half, or go here to look through Joe's recipes

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