Monday, May 12, 2014

Daily Paleo Lunches

I love to cook and I am lucky enough to cook for a living. I specialize in making foods that are "alternative" or allergy free and people with special food needs just happen to find me.This makes my work easier because I don't have to worry about making foods that I cannot eat myself. Cooking for people that want to avoid gluten dairy, soy etc make it easier for me to create tasty dishes that I feel comfortable tasting as I go.

I currently make lunches every week for a small company here in Silicon Valley.  They want a completely Paleo Diet for lunchtime. This is spearheaded by one of the founding employees who eats Paleo all the time and his passion for this healthy diet won everyone over. They all agreed to eat this way for lunch at work every day.  I am really glad he found me to make it happen for them.

The benefits of the Paleo menu include:
  • Everything I do is from scratch (exceptions are canned tomatoes, sometimes I use a premade stock or marinara sauce) 
  • Everything is made fresh each week, I shop the day before I cook so all the produce and proteins are at their best 
  • Each dish is full of healthy proteins and a good variety of vegetables
  • No gluten or soy - there are at least two people in the group that are gluten intollerant, which means noone is having a big carby lunch, so there shouldnt be any big energy dips in the afternoon.
  • No refined sugars - the only sweetener allowed is honey

Many of the recipes I use come from Mark's Daily Apple, a great resource for the Paleo lifestyle.  His recipes have lots of great pictures and simple steps. This makes cooking easy for those that have not made this type of food before. I have included links to the recipes from this week's menu so you can go check them out and hopefully make them for yourself!

I also add in my own recipes especially for the vegetables like these Brussels Sprouts. This group loves Brussels Sprouts especially when I saute them in coconut oil and add shallots.

This week's menu was:

Tuesday:  Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice (I added green beans into this dish to make it more filling and make sure my group got their veggies)

Wednesday:  Lemon Brisket with Roasted White and Sweet Potatoes and Sauteed Purple Kale

Thursday:  Lime and Basil Beef Kebabs and Roasted Cauliflower
Friday:  Slow Cooked Coconut Ginger Pork with Blistered Brussels Sprouts and Coconut Rice

The Pork roasts in crockpots. I had to cook almost 13 pounds of pork for this group. That meant using a few crockpots.

Grilling peppers and red onions for the Lime Basil Beef. 

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