Monday, April 28, 2014

Impromptu Coconut Chicken

I was just working on next week's menu for my Paleo clients and came across this recipe for Coconut Encrusted Chicken Salad. This website is full of really great recipes and I have made more than a few of them.  I was starting to get hungry for lunch and I knew I had some chicken tenders in the fridge. I also knew I had unsweetened coconut flakes. So I jumped up to check on the rest of the ingredients. 

I always have a good stock of gluten free flours as I do a lot of GF baking. I was out of the almond flour though. I subbed a mix of tapioca flour and brown rice flour for his almond flour.  I also didn't have any greens and I just wanted to make a quick snack for while I work. 

This just proves how easy it is to make a good "batter" for things like fried chicken without regular wheat flour. I typically use a little flour mixed with a starch.  In this case I used brown rice flour and tapioca starch (along with the coconut flakes). I could have also used millet or sorghum flour with cornstarch or potato starch.

These came out delicious!  Thanks Mark for the inspiration for this delicious snack. Next time I will get the greens and try it with the almond flour.

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