Monday, September 12, 2011

What to do with all these peaches

I recently joined a CSA and started receiving a box of fruit every week from a local farm. Last week my box included the peaches and nectarines above. This is so much better than getting fruit at my local grocery store as the fruit is so much fresher and seasonal.  How the CSA works is that I sign up with a farm like Frog Hollow and then pick a local site near me where I want to pick up my shipment each week.   I go there every Wednesday and a beautiful box is waiting for me. 

There is an average of 14 pieces of fruit in each box.  There are only 2 of us in my household which means 2 pieces of fruit each per day.  That's pretty good.  But if we dont keep up with it I could end up with too much really ripe fruit at once and then I need to do something with all of it so it doesnt go to waste.

I cut up some of the fruit and froze it for smoothies which we have been enjoying almost every morning.   Then I got to work testing out some gluten free recipes I have been meaning to try.  Since I had so many peaches I thought a pie and a cobbler would be perfect.  The peaches were so beautiful once peeled and sliced. I am in awe of their bright orange color and red accents.

Baking with gluten free flours can be tricky and hard to adapt from a regular wheat recipe. I have many GF cookbooks at home and looked through them to see if any recipes popped out.  There is a Traditional Pie Crust recipe in Annalise's book "Gluten-Free Baking Classics" that looked good.  I didnt follow her recipe exactly but the main parts stayed the same.  I did substitute earth balance instead of butter as I have a dairy allergy.

Once the crust was made and parbaked for 10 minutes, it looked like any other pie crust.  I prepped the peaches with some arrowroot, a little orange juice and just a sprinkle of brown sugar as the peaches were already so sweet.  Then I lined them in the pie crust as neatly as possible and put it in the oven.

The pie looked great although next time I want to get that glossy look instead of the muted color I got from the arrowroot.  And the crust was good, but not as good as I think it could be. So I will try again. If you want the recipe I used just check out Annalise's book.  I will post my final recipe once I do a little more testing.  I just hope I have enough peaches!

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