Friday, June 3, 2011

Cooking for a Living

Some jobs are just payment in themselves. I am thankful every day (well, almost) that I get to play with food for a living and feed those that I love.  I have had some very interesting jobs since I left the corporate world to become a Chef, full of variety and new challenges. One of my favorites has been at Hidden Villa, in the Los Altos Hills.  I have cooked there for the last three summers, feeding over 150 campers and staff every day during the summer camp program. 

Back in October 2010 I got to go back to the farm to cook for a week-long retreat.  Since it was only going to be me and an assistant in the kitchen we were given a cabin to stay in for the week so that we could be close by during those long 14-hour days.  This was the view out our door.

A typical breakfast of fruits, yogurt, granola and bagels are a favorite up on the farm.

Dinner awaits while the group comes together outside to reflect and prepare for their evening meal.

For one of the lunches we made pizza dough and took it down to the CSA farm where the participants got to make their own pizzas. 

There is an outdoor brick oven there where you can "bake" (or seriously fry/burn your food if it gets too hot) many foods like pizza. Notice the fire extinguisher close by.

Many evenings were spent by the fire while the group sang and played music. I made sure they had some evening snacks like popcorn and smores.

For the last morning, I recruited my fiance to be the grill man and make everyone fresh pancakes.

While I was there I also got to visit some new piglets that were just born a few weeks prior.

Once this summer is over at Summer Camp, I will be moving on to other projects just like the rest of the migratory camp staff.  Looking forward to what that brings for me.

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