Monday, August 30, 2010

New Gluten Free Bakery in the Bay Area

I made the recent discovery of a new bakery in the Bay Area.  Zest Bakery just opened in late July in downtown San Carlos, CA.  The best part about this bakery is it has a gluten-free dedicated kitchen.  The owners brought in all new equipment when they took over the space from Harmony, a frozen yogurt shop.  A friend of mine found them on Facebook and sent me the link which made me immediately get in the car and go check them out. I was not disappointed.

Currently the bakery has a daily offering of white and whole grain bread loaves, baguettes, muffins, three kinds of cookies and brownies. On my first visit I tried a slice of the Strawberry Lemonade loaf and a chocolate chip cookie.  Both were delicious and just like I had made them myself at home, only better. 

The owners try very hard to use locally produced ingredients whenever possible, like the blackberries in the muffins below.

Their Multigrain Bread has become the most popular product that customers come back on a regular basis to get. It has the usual gluten free flours like brown rice, potato and tapioca but also has some teff flour and a mix of seeds. The foccacia-like dinner rolls below are fast becoming a favorite as well.

Zest Bakery is a good place for people with Celiac or gluten sensitivity as well as other food allergies. They use almond milk instead of regular milk in their recipes which means there is no dairy in most products. The only items that contain dairy are some of the cookies because they are made with butter. Currently there are no nuts used other than almonds and the only soy present is soy lecithin in the chocolate and almond milk. Those of us with gluten problems are really excited to have this bakery open on the Peninsula.  There are a few other gluten free bakeries now in the Bay Area, but this is the first one on the Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose.

Zest Bakery is located at 1224 Arroyo Avenue off Laurel, in downtown San Carlos, CA. 

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