Monday, March 1, 2010

The Opportunity of a New Year

There is something about January 1st that gets all of us thinking about all those goals we set for ourselves the year before. The start of a new year can be filled with opportunities for a fresh start. On December 31st we declare that this year will be different, this year I will finally get back to the gym, lose 20 pounds, look for a new job....etc. But how long does that declaration last? Does it make any lasting affect on our daily lives and routines? How many of those goals did we actually follow through on?

Now that it is March 1st, I am thinking about that inspiration I was feeling back on January 1st. I pledged to myself back in January that I would start taking better care of my health because a healthy me means I will be better in all aspects of my life. I want to be a better girlfriend, better
cook, a better friend... you get the idea. If I take better care of myself, then the rest of my lofty personal goals will naturally fall into place. So what has happened in the last two months? Naturally, like most people, I lost my way and have stopped working towards those goals. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment it happened, but my ingrained bad habits have taken control again.

So what to do now. Every day is a new day and offers a new opportunity to correct one's course. Today I can remind myself of what those goals were and why I was so inspired by them. I will do at least one thing that moves me forward instead of standing still. You with me?

So in the spirit of being inspired and trying new things here are some things that I have been meaning to write about....

There are so many foodie events lately that I have wanted to share. There was the Gluten Free Meetup at
Draeger's in San Mateo. I found this event on Draeger's is like a Whole Foods combined with Williams Sonoma. They have so many great gourmet foods and the upstairs has fabulous kitchen gadgets and tablewares. One could easily spend a fortune here. This store has put a lot of effort into stocking GF items. More about that soon.

I will also be sharing with you the new book that just came out featuring some recipes that I wrote, the IBS Cookbook for Dummies.

And then there are all those new products I have tried lately like GF raviolis and pizza....

Happy March! See you again soon.

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