Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Gluten Free Bakery in Philadelphia!

I am excited to share the opening of the Sweet Freedom Bakery, "Baking You Happy" in Philadelphia. This is Philadelphia's first and only completely gluten-free and vegan bakery. Their products are "allergen-friendly" which means no dairy, casein (milk protein), egg or gluten. Sweet Freedom Bakery also avoids using corn, wheat, peanuts, and soy. The only sweeteners they use are natural and unrefined like coconut sugar, agave and maple syrup. Their goal is to provide delicious and satisfying sweet treats for those people with food allergies that have been deprived of their favorite cupcake or cookie, but also to provide a satisfying treat to those who are not on a restricted diet.

For those of you who have Celiac and are extremely sensitive to gluten, Sweet Freedom is a dedicated gluten-free facility. This came straight from their website: "The bakery has been built from scratch, with no gluten-containing products present in the bakery or on our equipment. We do not use any grains, such as spelt, that contain gluten."

The bakery has a large range of baked goods available every day including cupcakes, cookies, muffins and magic bars, Other treat like the Thumbprints pictured below are available as weekly specials. Check out their daily offerings here.

Heather, one of the owners, and I were in a class together at the Natural Gourmet in New York City. Every weekend she brought in another version of a cupcake or cookie that she was trying to perfect. For those of you who have tried gluten-free baking know it can be frustrating to duplicate the texture and taste of regular baked good. Everything I tried was delicious and satisfying. Clearly she has found the right combinations and now has a great venue to show off her delicious sweets.

I wish I still lived in the area so that I could visit and enjoy the fresh baked cupcakes and cookies. That is something I really miss since I have gone gluten free. The people in the Philadelphia area are very lucky to have this place. And now they are offering local delivery in selected zip codes for a small fee. More info on delivery here.

Check out their
Facebook for the latest news and become a fan!

Here are the details:

The Bakery is located at 1424 South Street, Philadelphia, PA (between Broad and 15th)

Open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm. Closed Mondays.

Contact them at 215-545-1899 or

(Photographs by Noelle Roberts)


Somerset Industries said...

Good Luck on your new venture. With Gluten allergy playing such a major role in many peoples lives, I am sure you'll have great success.

Annsley said...

I'm so curious how you found out about Sweet Freedom. I actually live in Philadelphia, so I knew about them, but how does word to the west coast spread so quickly.

Annsley said...
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Andrea said...

Hi Annsley. Glad to hear that you know about this bakery. I lived near Philadelphia for about 6 years. I just moved back to the West Coast about 8 months ago. I went to school with Healther, the creator of all the baked goods at Sweet Freedom. Enjoy their sweets for me!