Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life less Gluten in San Antonio

Day 14 of our cross-country trip and we are having a blast. We are currently in Austin, Texas taking a break from driving and actually staying in one place for 4 days. After all this travelling through the South, I have been more than ready for a meal that I know is gluten free. We visited The Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe while we were in San Antonio a couple days ago. I ordered the Big Bloke Sandwich with Roast Beef, which I think was actually roasted brisket. It tasted delicious.

Michael ordered the Lasagna with tomatoes, spinach, cheese and a bechamel sauce. I think it had a little pesto in it too. It tasted great, but was more like a macaroni bake because they used elbow macaroni instead of lasagna sheets.
We really enjoyed our meal, and I liked the bread so much that I bought a loaf of the House Bread to take on the road with us. The only major downside was that everything was reheated in a microwave. So my sandwich was nice and warm, which made the bread even better, but it had that slight chewiness that the microwave gives to things. We also purchased some desserts to go. 2 chocolate cupcakes and a slice of the apple spice cake. They were a little dry, as gluten-free baked goods can get, but the flavors were fantastic. I could tell that if they were freshly made that I would have loved them. So if you stop by, try to get the baked goods on the day they are made.

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