Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Road Trip!

I am currently in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of the first week of a 6-week cross country trip. We left New Jersey on Wednesday the 25th and have driven through Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, N Carolina, S Carolina and Georgia. Today we plan to head back north to N Carolina so that we can cross over the Smoky Mountains into Tennessee tomorrow.

If you would like to follow along check out my blog for the trip On The Road.

I did a lot of research for this trip before we left and have pages of notes from websites like roadfood.com, roadsideamerica.com and of course, I checked out all the gluten free sites I could to find food along the way. I really want to experience the local food and I know that means I am taking my chances with wheat exposure. And let me tell you, everything down here in the south is fried even if it doesnt say so on the menu.

Last night we found this place in Atlanta:
It was absolutely worth the multiple wrong turns to find it out in a suburb of the city. The Real Chow Baby is a make-it-yourself stir fry restaurant. You add ingredients to your bowl and then top it with sauce and seasonings and then you give it to the grill guy. He cooks everything for you on this massive round, flat grill and then your bowl is brought to your table. Here is the sauce menu and notice the sugar free, vegan and gluten free indications.
These are the bowl we created with our rice and veggies. I topped mine with the coconut curry and red thai curry sauces.
Then the finished (cooked) product was delivered to our table. Both of our creations were absolutely delicious! The wait staff were friendly and helpful. A really terrific experience all around. I am just so sad that there are only 2 of these places and they are in Atlanta.

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