Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gluten Free Pancakes by Maple Grove Farms

What do you do when you wake up and have a pancake craving, but you cannot eat wheat? You pull out the box of gluten free pancake mix from the pantry that you have been meaning to try.

The product is by
Maple Grove Farms in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. They are known as a maple syrup producer and have been around since 1915. They have other product lines including pancake mixes, fruit syrups, maple candy, salad dressings, organic and gluten free products. I tried to find some information on their site about why they included gluten free, but I could not find much other than this... "over the years, we have developed products at the request of consumers, which respond to a variety of dietary concerns. fat free, sugar free, gluten free, all natural, and dairy free are among some of our product attributes."

I do remember stopping by their booth at the Natural Foods Expo East in Boston back in October. They were passing out freshly made samples of this gf pancake mix and they tasted great. As we chatted, the spokesperson told me I might have to cook the batter just a little longer than regular pancake mixes. The ingredients are: rice flour, soy flour, dextrose, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, baking soda), salt, corn starch, natural flavor, xanthan gum. The only ingredient that concerns me is the "natural flavor". That many times can contain wheat, but the product is labeled "gluten free" so I am trusting that the company sourced this additive properly. If you are super-sensitive to wheat, it would be worth a call to the company to check. Also, this product is made in the same facility where their regular pancake mix is made.

So on to my breakfast.... I mixed up the batter according to the package directions and it was really thick, so I added some extra liquid. For the liquid I used part water and part almond milk. They spread nicely in the pan and as you can see in the picture above, they turned a beautiful golden brown. I wanted to do something a little special to our breakfast, so I added sliced bananas and a couple chocolate chips per pancake.

The lighting over my stove is really poor, but you get the idea. I added the sliced bananas and chocolate chips to the batter after I poured it into the pan, waited 2 minutes and then flipped. They were delicious! And very filling. One cup of mix made 6 smallish pancakes. I was only able to eat one and a half and my boyfriend made it through most of his 3. By the way, the boyfriend is NOT gluten free, so if he enjoyed his breakfast with me, then that is a good sign.

They may look big below, but that is a salad-size plate they are sitting on. The browner ones in the front of the picture are the top of the pancake, the side that cooked first. The lighter ones in the back are the bottom, or second side that cooked where you can see the banana slices and chocolate chips.

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