Sunday, January 11, 2009

Viva Daisy! Cooking Show on The Food Network

I sat on my couch Saturday morning anxiously anticipating the start of Daisy Martinez's show on The Food Network. The show is called "Viva Daisy!" and airs on Saturdays at 9:30am. She has done other cooking shows but they have aired on public stations. I have to admit that I have not seen any of her other shows. I do not usually watch cooking shows, but I have a particular interest in this one. I worked behind the scenes on the filming with a fantastic culinary crew.

This is the second time I have worked on a cooking show and I have to say... it has been one of my favorite jobs since graduating from culinary school. There is something about the pressure to perform that I enjoy as well as being part of a talented team all working towards a common goal. No one person on the team can succeed without the others.

Daisy's food has a Puerto Rican flair so there is lots of color and spice (not necessarily heat) in her dishes. I have made many of the recipes from the show since the filming and have loved them all, especially the Eggs A La Poloma and the Green Rice. For the first episode she made skirt steak with a chimichirri sauce, potato salad with roasted red peppers and hard boiled eggs and a coconut panna cotta topped with kiwi, papaya and mango. Delicious!
Check it out and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

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chefandrea said...

Thank you for comments Denny. I know Macrobiotics extends farther than just what a person eats and that it is not a "diet" in the sense of the mainstream definition. I work with many people who want to eat better and heal from serious illnesses. I focus on the use of organic, whole foods and macrobiotics is frequently part of that.