Friday, January 2, 2009

Joanne Weir Cooking Class Season 2

I am excited to announce that the two cooking shows I worked on in 2008 are going to start airing in January! Now you will NOT see me on camera in any of these shows but what you will see are all the dishes I painstakingly washed and dried, the vegetables that I shopped for and cleaned, the water I started boiling and so on.

One of the shows I worked on was Season 2 of "Joanne Weir's Cooking Class". It will air on local public channels like PBS, KQED (San Francisco), WHYY (Philadelphia) and NJN (New Jersey) beginning this Saturday January 3rd. The first season of her show is still airing in some areas so the name of the first show of the second season is "Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Fava Fennel Salad (#201)". It looks like it airs on Saturday, 1/10 at 12noon in San Francisco and 12:30pm in Philadelphia. To find it on a local channel near you go here.

To find it on a station near you:

I find this show to be one of the best food shows on TV. Joanne has such a positive and fun energy that comes through and the food on the show is delicious. Here is the description of the first episode:

Episode #201: Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Fava Fennel Salad
Description: Joanne teaches her student Geoff a new way to prepare chicken using some of his favorite ingredients, and shows him how with a little work he can create a vibrant, fragrant salad.Recipes: (1) CHICKEN BREASTS STUFFED WITH GOAT CHEESE AND OLIVES (2) FAVA BEAN, FENNEL, AND PARSLEY SALAD Student: Geoff Rubendall - Civil Engineer

Here is the crew that worked on the show produced by A La Carte Communications. Thank you to Allie for the picture of Joanne above.

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