Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer 2008 in Review

I find myself without anyone to cook for today. I usually have clients that I cook for daily and everyone just happens to be away today. So I am using this time for much needed administrative projects, working on my website, cleaning off my hard drive, getting sidetracked...... My better half would chime in here with a strong commercial for just how easily distracted I am... but its all good right? Sometime you find great things while you were supposed to be doing other things....

I was looking through all the pictures I have taken lately and thinking about all the fun things that happened and the people I spent time with. Instead of keeping this contemplative mood to myself, I have created a slideshow of sorts, hope you enjoy....

early morning walk to the lake while camping in southern new jersey

trip to a friend's garden marveling at the beautiful things she is growing there

the joy of little feet given permission to get dirty and play in the mud

seeing the sunset over the ocean on the west coast

taking in the healing power of the ocean while enjoying a hot cup of coffee

enjoying a glass of california wine at the cabin in the pocono mountains

staying out on the porch at the cabin after dark

cooking for other people professionally and the validation of getting paid for it

spending time with childhood friends

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Beautiful images! I am so glad our bountiful garden made the list with the rosettes of delicious lettuces! Yum, Yum!
And of course Kevin is thrilled his muddy feet made the grade too. We are now enjoying pizza from the mud oven on a regular basis out in the garden. Next time you come out you can make a gluten free crust and we'll all enjoy it!
You do have an eye for art. Somehow in the mess of my front porch you saw the beauty in the line-up of rain boots, for example. We love you and miss you.