Friday, July 18, 2008

Gourmet Vegetarian Lunch Service

At the request of a local office group I am now offering a vegetarian lunch delivery service. Meals will be created with organic, whole foods and offer a well-balanced blend of grains, vegetables and healthy proteins. Non-vegetarian options will be available if enough people ask for it. Lunches will be individually packaged and delivered 2 to 3 days per week. There will be a sweet baked item included with your meals once a week that can be enjoyed throughout the week. This may include a dozen cookies, small cake, sweet baked bread like pumpkin or zucchini or a fresh fruit tart.

All dishes can be adapted for food allergies and special dietary needs. I have seperate cookware to accomodate those with severe wheat allergies like Celiac. Please communicate any special needs to me.

Currently the delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This could be revised to just Mondays and Thursdays. Delivery area includes Egg Harbor Township, Linwood and Northfield, New Jersey. If you live or work outside this area, a small delivery fee may apply. A sample weekly menu can be found at Please email me for more information.


Chef said...

please sign me up. I'm sure the deliver fee to California is minimal right?

Denise said...

Vegeterian Lunches delivered in New Jersey by The Holistic Chef, wow, this is very exciting Andrea, Bon Apetite!

Lisa said...

this is so wonderful, i wish you much success. I will share information with friends and hopefully they will contact you.