Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Day In The Life Of A Cooking Show

I just returned home from working on the production of a cooking show in San Francisco. Now before you all ask when you are going to see me on TV, the answer is never. Well, at least not on this one. The job consisted of 15 days of hard work, long days, amazing food and really nice people. Oh, and stairs, lots of stairs. Carrying food up the stairs, carrying pots and pans down the stairs. Running another onion up the stairs, oh and can you get us more parsley.....back down the stairs. I am certainly not complaining seeing as how my legs are stronger than ever.

The show was for Joanne Weir. She has many books out, teaches classes in Italy, France and Spain, a cooking show on PBS and also conducts
classes in her home.

There is a magic that happens on set which is hard to describe unless you are there to experience it. The moment when a group of talented people come together with a lot of cameras, lights and equipment, some raw ingredients and a little humor. The production company was A La Carte Communications which did the first season of Joanne Wier's Cooking Class series. They also
produce the America's Test Kitchen TV show, Daisy Cooks and a series with Julia Child and Jacques P├ępin. This was my first experience with a cooking show production company and in my opinion they were great to work for.

I worked in the secondary kitchen with the Culinary Producer,
Chris Styler and my good friend Dorothy Kinne. We made sure that whatever Joanne needed, she got. I worked mostly as support to Chris and Dorothy taking care of things that did not need cooking. That meant cleaning a lot of dishes and doing inventory, amongst other things.

I would love to post all the amazing dishes we worked on but I think they are part of Joanne's new book which is not out yet. We will just have to wait until the show airs sometime in 2009. Stayed tuned for more updates!

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Denise said...

The Holistic Chef working on production for Joanne Weir TV cooking show, wow Andrea what a great experience,
we will have to get together soon, you can give me some cooking tips, .... d