Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GF Pizza in Newtown, PA

Jules Thin Crust just opened in Newtown, PA and they offer delicious New York style thin crust pizzas including a GF rice crust. Most of the pizzas are already cooked and you can just order a couple inches worth. The GF pizza has to be ordered as a whole pie as they do not keep it precooked and out with the rest of their selection. I wanted to try it without dairy but the chef was concerned that it might get too dry so I had a rice crust pizza with mozzarella, sauteed spinach and mushrooms. Delicious! I started off eating only 2 pieces in the restaurant while my girlfriend had one of the daily specials, but once I got into the car the rest did not last very long. It has been so long since I had really good pizza. I highly recommend this place. They also have a small selection of GF cookies by the register.

300 Sycamore street, Newtown, PA

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