Sunday, September 16, 2007

Awesome Organic Game Day Burgers

Well, its the start of football season and I have been inspired to create healthier versions of the foods my boyfriend used to eat while sitting in front of the TV. (Those plastiky yellow "cheese" dips that you can throw in the microwave???) Today we are having barbecued hamburgers and homemade potato chips fried in coconut oil. They are light and crispy and not oily like the ones from the grocery store.

Burger Ingredients:
Grateful Harvest Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Applegate Farms Organic Nitrate Free Sunday Bacon
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Grilled Onions
Gluten Free Bread for me and Potato Rolls for him
Jack Daniels Grilling Sauce (NOT organic, but it was in the fridge, leftover from the days before he met me and it gave the burgers a nice sweet n savory taste that went well with the blue cheese. Note to self: must work on creating a healthier version)

Add fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper and parsley to the beef before making into patties. Grill. Assemble burgers adding mayo or mustard if desired.

Potato Chips:
Organic Russet Potatoes
Omega Nutrition Organic Coconut Oil

Place enough oil in pan so that it is about 1 to 2 inches deep. Slice potatoes very thin on mandoline and place in water until ready to fry. Once oil is hot enough, drain potatoes on paper towl to remove some water and place a small amount into oil at a time. Just enough to make one layer across top of oil. Since I did this in a frying pan (I dont have a wok) and didnt use that much oil I did about 5 to 8 pieces at a time and flipped them many times during frying. This helped to keep the color even on both sides. Remove from oil once they start to turn brown and place on paper towl to absorb oil. Sprinkle salt on chips while still warm.

My boyfriend's creation

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