Monday, August 27, 2007

My End-Of-Summer Detox

I am feeling like it is time for a cleanse so I have planned a liquid fast. I am going to do 3 days as that is all I can fit in right now. I am thinking about trying the Master Cleanse as part of it, perhaps in the morning and then use organic vegetable juices and vegetable broth in the afternoon. My current level of health is not where I want it to be. I am experiencing slight weight gain, abdominal discomfort, gas, low energy and joint pain. I have had too much dairy and gluten over the last month and I know I am allergic to both.

Pre-Cleanse Day
I am spending the day before my fast eating a vegetarian macrobiotic diet. I did have a scrambled egg this morning for breakfast as I was on my feet all day cooking at The Nourishing Well. For lunch I had kimpira, sauteed greens, fried tofu and cannelini bean "mashed potatoes". For dinner I am having fresh blanched kale, quinoa and rice pasta casserole, and a tangy pressed salad with carrots, red cabbage and cucumber. I plan to go to bed early and not have any alcohol. I am excited to start the fast although I know the next 2 days could be tough.

2 Triphala tablets before bed

6:30am glass of water
7:20am Master Cleanse (8oz water, 2T lemon juice, 2T maple syrup, 1/4 t cayenne) was a little harder to drink than I expected, throat burned. Followed with a fresh orange juice chaser.
9:30am Fresh Apple Juice (fuji and cameo) and fresh Vegetable Juice (kale, spinach, carrot, cucumber, celery)
11:30am Watermelon Juice (with rind, organic)
1:00pm Vegetable Broth
3:00pm Vegetable Broth

5:00pm Vegetable Broth with miso

This was an easy day up until 4pm when my hunger really kicked in. I want to have something with flavor and broth is just not cutting it. I would love some toast right now too.
7:00pm craving sweet so had some apple juice and 2 Triphala tablets
10:00pm Off to bed with a bad stomach ache

Lost 3 pounds since yesterday, woke up feeling good and not that hungry. Have a good amount of energy today.
7:00am Glass of water
7:30am lemon juice, warm water, ginger and honey
8:30am Liver Flush: lemon juice, 1 garlic clove, 1T olive oil, water
10:30am Fresh Coconut Water (YUM! I have missed this stuff)
12:00pm Watermelon Juice (about 4 cups sipped over 2 hours)
2:00pm Aloe Vera Juice
3:30pm Vegetable Broth
5:30pm Apple Juice and Water

7:30am Salt Water Flush
9:30am lemon, warm water, honey, ginger juice
10:30am apple juice
12:00pm vegetables and brown rice soup
2:00pm Watermelon Juice
Much more tired today
6:00pm a light dinner of vegetables

The last 3 days were not as hard as I expected. Perhaps this is an indication that I have been eating cleanly. I did a similar fast 3 years ago and it was much harder. I had very slight headaches in the mornings, and hunger pangs in the afternoons. I had a lot of energy throughout and my bowels moved every day. My tongue was yellowish-white and I used the tongue scraper a lot. I lost a total of 4 pounds!

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